Corwen town trail

Legendary Journeys #4

Sometimes the greatest legends are contained in the tiniest details. Explore around the back of the 13th-century church of Saint Mael and Saint Sulien in Corwen and you’ll find the priest’s doorway. The lintel above is carved with a cross.

This is said to be the mark made by Wales’s national hero, Owain Glyndwr, when he hurled down his dagger from Pen y Pigyn hillside in a rage.

Follow Corwen’s town trail (one of eight in Denbighshire) to see the ancient church and gaze in wonder at the life-size bronze statue of Owain, last native-born Prince of Wales, astride his battle horse in the square.

And from the oak woodland of Coed Pen y Pigyn high above the town, with the River Dee laid out before you like a ribbon, look east towards his ancestral home and the earthwork mound where he launched a national revolt against English rule in 1400.

Start: Green Lane car park, Corwen LL21 0DN

Corwen LL21, UK
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