Larry the Lizard

Legendary Journeys #7

Small children, and big kids of all ages, will love exploring the sandy dunes of Horton’s Nose at Rhyl harbour and hearing the story of Larry the Lizard and his missing tail.

Beginning near the iconic Pont y Ddraig, or Dragon’s Bridge, which opens and closes like a giant metal flower to allow boats to pass underneath, they can follow the brave young lizard over the wooden boardwalks as he asks his animal friends for help.

Each encounter in the story with a seal, salmon, oystercatcher, burnet moth, turnstone and skylark is marked by a beautifully illustrated signpost.

It’s a wonderful way for children to find out more about the wildlife that inhabits this remnant of an ancient dune system that once stretched all along the North Wales coast.

Start: Rhyl harbour LL18 5AS

Rhyl, UK
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