Moel Arthur

Legendary Journeys #6

Legend has it that Moel Arthur, the only hillfort in Wales to carry King Arthur’s name, was mined during the short-lived Cilcain Gold Rush of the late 19th century.

Sadly no precious nuggets were ever discovered. But three Bronze Age axes did turn up in 1962 after a ferocious rainstorm, proving these dramatic slopes were in use long before Iron Age people built their hillfort about 500 BC.

More than legendary enough for a visit. In fact, if you tackle Arthur 2 Times, a 31km intermediate mountain biking route starting in the foothills of the Clwydian Range, you get to ride around Moel Arthur not just once but twice.

It’s part of a breathtaking range of trails covering all levels of ability brought together under the banner of Ride North Wales. And if you spot something small, yellow and gleaming on any of those sweeping descents, do let us know.

Start: pump house just outside Cilcain, grid reference SJ 176 648

Cilcain, Mold CH7, UK
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