For the Year of the Sea in North East Wales we are celebrating our Routes to the Sea and all associated activities. In North East Wales we boast stunning coastline, rivers and even a World Heritage Site Aqueduct.

The Flash, Wrexham


Flash, Gresford

Set within the county of Wrexham this lake is a surprise to most people as it is so far inland. However with stunning walks and scenery it makes for the perfect spot for a quiet moment. It’s a peaceful reminder of our routes to the sea.

Or learn to sail on the lake with the Gresford Sailing Club and become your own captain under expert guidance!


Fishing for crabs at Marine Lake, Rhyl



The perfect place for the kids to try ‘crabbing’. If you haven’t brought the equipment with you, don’t worry because all you need can be purchased in the railway shop.

Top tip: the best bait for crab fishing is bacon…..a good target is 4 to 5 crabs!

Apart from fishing for crabs you can try sailing, canoeing, water skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding and for those of you that are daring enough; barefooting. So Marine Lake can cater to all ages and tastes and is the only salt water lake in North Wales (pub quiz fact).


Relax underneath the arches at Trevor Basin, Llangollen



We have a World Heritage Site in North East Wales (not boasting!) but you can experience the stunning picturesque Pontcysyllte Aqueduct from on top of the aqueduct looking down or from below and get a different perspective on the architecture of this beautiful site.


Run along our coastline on Barkby Beach, Prestatyn



There’s isn’t a more calming soundtrack to a run than the sea.

With our stunning coastline your run can be a short one or extended into a longer run. And with great facilities along the coastline, why not treat yourself to a little reward en route!


Take to the skies over the Dee Valley, Llangollen



Take to the skies and experience the Dee Valley from above, it’s even more stunning (if possible).

Book yourself onto a course and maybe find a hidden interest that you never thought you had. Or book onto a tandem flight with a qualified instructor and sit back and enjoy the flight and views whilst not having to worry about the landing.


Cycle past the sea from Rhyl Harbour


If you’re not into running then why not bring up the family bikes to Rhyl Harbour and coast along the coast.

With the Rhyl Bike Hub open for a cup of tea or ice cream before you start, Rhyl has all the facilities to make your time near the sea an unforgettable experience. And the Bike Hub do rentals as well, so even if you forget your personal bikes we have you covered!


View our beaches from horseback at Talacre Beach


Riding a horse on a beach…does this sound like a perfect way of escaping the stresses of the world?

You can trot, gallop and stride along the beautiful sands of Talacre Beach, with the sea at on one side and the rural views on the other. Horse-riding on Talacre Beach is an experience that’s not to be missed!


Show-off your bike tricks at the Marsh Tracks, Rhyl


Have some cool BMX moves? Or want to practice any new ones?

Marsh Tracks in Rhyl is the perfect location for adventure cyclists. With great views of the sea, March Tracks is a great place to get awesome photos or videos of your tricks with a stunning background to make them stand out even more.

With a 1.3km closed circuit, Bensink start gate (the same as the 2012 Olympic BMX track) and qualified instructors on hand then the tracks are available for all levels and ages.


Try out water-skiing near Connah’s Quay



Have a splash at Deeside Wake-board and Water-ski Club which is based on the tidal River Dee at Connah’s Quay, Deeside, in North Wales. Try out the thrill of Water-skiing whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings of North East Wales, don’t worry if you fall in…..that’s half the fun!


Explore the North Wales Coastal Cycle Route



Explore our leg of the North Wales Coast Path. Whether you’d prefer to walk or cycle the path, you will be graced with some stunning views of the coastline on one side and the beauty of North East Wales’ countryside on the other. We call it a win-win scenario.

If you’d like to extend your walking route, from Prestatyn you can join the Offa’s Dyke path down along the border of England and Wales and have the weird sensation of having two different countries on either side.


Take a dip in the ocean at Prestatyn Blue Flag beach



The Blue Flag Beach of Prestatyn is made up of a 5 mile stretch of sand.

Popular with tourists for it’s beauty and many leisure activities such as sailing and windsurfing, Prestatyn beach makes for a perfect getaway for the whole family to enjoy.


Enjoy an ice cream along the Coastal Path, Rhyl



Everyone loves an ice cream at the beach….until the ‘brainfreeze’ kicks in!

With many local businesses along the Coastal path including cafe’s, bars, restaurants and the arcade at Rhyl, the coast of North East Wales is perfect for a family getaway and will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Get a taste of the Year of the Sea!


Try something new on the Serpents Tail, Llangollen


Ever tried Stand Up Paddle-Boarding?

Whether you are a novice or pro, doing it standing up or on your knee, with or without a dog, stand up paddle boarding in Llangollen tailors to all levels. It is a perfect way to experience the Year of the Sea and float away from all stresses.

For more experienced and confident Paddle-Boarders, you can experience the adventure of the River Dee and more specifically the Serpents Tail…..even the name sounds exciting!


Explore Basingwerk Abbey, Holywell



Substantial remains of Cistercian Abbey, originally founded as a house of the order of Savigny in 1131, and remodelled in the thirteenth century and later.

Visit this historic site for free and learn about it’s significance, within the stunning heritage park at Greenfield, Wrexham. 


Get that spectacular selfie along the Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen



With car-stopping views, Horseshoe Pass has been the site of many epic selfies as it offers an open view of the Dee Valley hills.

Located on the road to Llangollen, just passed the Ponderosa Cafe, this location is one the of the most photographed places in Denbighshire and is popular with local photographers and filmmakers.
Once you arrive at this stunning point, you will understand why it is so popular.