Denbighshire with its partial coastline has some of the best award winning beaches in Wales. Why not let Rhyl and Prestatyn give your staycation a bit of nostalgia for bucket and spade holidays as well as quieter alternatives to the  more overrun well-known beaches in West Wales.

The main beaches in Rhyl are…

Rhyl West is situated in the west end of Rhyl from the Harbour to The Village.   Between the Drift Park and The Village is an ideal beach  for a day out making sand castles, paddling and catching some rays, as well as having a children’s play area but don’t forget the sun cream!

Don’t be tempted to go for a swim by the harbour though as the River Clwyd here has fast flowing currents that can lead to people getting into difficulty as well as boats navigating in and out of the harbour. Bike hire is available from The Bike Hub which is located within Rhyl’s Harbour, right next to Pont Y Ddraig, the new iconic Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge. Located next door to the Bike Shop is the Harbour Hub Café. You can hire bicycles daily throughout the year at the Hub so you can make the most of the NCN Route 5 for miles of traffic free family friendly cycling.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of the reviews on Trip advisor. As restrictions continue to lift and we can start planning some breaks and some day trips, it may be beneficial to visit these less populated beaches for some sun, sea and sand.

Trip advisor quote for Rhyl West “Beautiful in early March on a fresh sunny day. My dog would have loved this! Lots of hound walkers out and plenty of great views of the ocean and the off shore wind farm. Really enjoyed walk around Hortons nose with view along the shoreline.”  By beckyx1991, St Helens.

Rhyl Central is opposite the top of the High Street, it’s the busiest beach in Rhyl  and good for bathing. During the summer season lifeguards will keep an eye on you to ensure your safety in and out of the water, so that you have an enjoyable visit. Central beach also provides sports facilities for Beach Volleyball and Football free of charge whilst the lifeguards are on duty.  Check tide timetables so you don’t get caught out on a sandbank when there is an incoming tide.

Rhyl East stretches from the coastguard station and onto Old Golf Road, with plenty to do with its own craft zone for Beach sport activities such as Kite surfing, Wind surfing and kayaking. You can also hire Sand Friendly Wheelchairs from the Kite Surfing Concession.


Trip advisor quote for Rhyl East Beach “Lovely beach. We came for our first family holiday, and spent time on the beach. Nice, clean beach. We love this area, children were really happy playing.’’ By Jim4587

Prestatyn’s main beaches are…

Barkby Beach is a hive of activity for boats and crafts, where you’ll find Prestatyn Sailing Club and a boat launching slipway and for this reason there is no swimming in this area, but the beach is ideal for  building a sand castle or just enjoying the weather. 

Trip advisor quote for Barkby Beach, Prestatyn. “Brilliant beach, have stayed at the Beaches Hotel right on the beach, lovely and clean safe for children. Such a rare thing to find so peaceful.” By ABCDEF1956

Central beach is the main beach in Prestatyn and is very popular with visitors. You can access the beach from the car parks at Nova East and Nova West. It’s also an area where the lifeguards are stationed during the season. If your planning on going for a swim remember to check the lifeguards flags to see if it’s safe, and find where is best to swim. If you’re not sure, you can speak to a lifeguard and they’ll be happy to help. Central Beach also has outdoor showers, cafés and a play area. The Beach Hut Nova provides takeaways. With an increasing number of people deciding to holiday at home, visitors are looking for high-quality destinations.  Central beach has a prestigious Blue Flag award which is given for best quality bathing water, environmental education and management, safety and services.

Trip advisor quote for Central beach, Prestatyn. “Fab little beach, with rocks so the kids can look for crabs etc. There’s a pub, an arcade, a park, ice-cream shop and a cafe.” By annma1970

Ffrith Beach is at the western end of Prestatyn. It is divided into two zones-  Ffrith Beach West which stretches from the Golf Course to the entrance to Ffrith Beach Fun Park. This area is marked by the sloping access from the promenade which makes it much easier for people to access the beach. This beach forms part of our dog friendly area and you are welcome to exercise your dog here at any time. The area to the east of Ffrith slipway which starts from the Ffrith Beach Fun Park East goes past Tower Gardens and up to the Nova West Car Park is a more popular area that leads you towards the main resort beach at Prestatyn Central. 

Tripadvisor quotes for Ffrith Beach  “Peaceful Park for the whole community. It is one of the most peaceful parks on this part of the North Wales coast. It was built by the local authority some years ago at great expense and is now just a peaceful haven for visitors and wildlife, maybe walk your dog it is a place that is well worth a visit. The common land area has achieved a Green Flag award for the last 10 years.” By 770lewisk 


“The Ffrith beach is one of the best beaches around, its changing surface is a wonder of nature. One day you will see perfectly smooth and the next a storm has ruffled it up and taken some of the sand away, the next day it is back as smooth. It is a beach which is very clean, I rarely see litter deposited there, the locals do regular beach cleans and generally look after their very proud beach.” By ben3k90

Dogs are welcome on the beaches in Rhyl and Prestatyn.  However, not everyone loves dogs, so during the busy summer months you can only take your dog to certain areas of the beach. From the 1st October – 30th April: you can take your dog anywhere on the beach however from 1st May – 30th September: restrictions are in place. Splash Point is the dog friendly beach, and it’s where dogs can stretch their legs at any time. If you’re taking your dog onto the beach at Old Golf Road, head east (towards Prestatyn) and you’ve got a few miles of beach where you can go unrestricted also the area to the east of The Sailing Club at Barkby Beach, Prestatyn . There are signs and maps on the beach to help show you where you can take your dog during the summer months

You can also cycle our beaches with the North Wales Coast route  by joining the official NCN 5 route just before Prestatyn.  The route takes  you through the golf course before heading to the seafront. Beautiful coastal cycling via a wide, sand-swept promenade with waves lapping on the beach just a few yards away for 17 blissful miles. Sometimes there’s a sandy beach, sometimes expanses of gravel, sometimes rocky sea defences. With the railway as your constant companion, you’ll coast gently past Rhyl, Kinmel Bay and Pensarn. It’s all smooth tarmac, with the occasional wiggle to keep things interesting. It takes you  across the mouth of the River Clwyd at Rhyl; via the majestic Pont Y Draig opened in 2013,  which lifts to allow vessels to sail in and out of the harbour.

 Please visit safely and responsibly by

  • Putting your litter in a bin or take it home with you
  • Please don’t light fires or barbecues in the countryside
  • Park in designated parking areas only
  • Plan your trip well to respect local residents
  • Keep your dog on a lead around livestock
  • Keep social distancing