Get involved – and celebrate with us!


Are you planning to showcase your breakfast during the 24th – 30th January? Our challenge to you (…well, it is the YEAR OF ADVENTURE!) is to serve up a breakfast, either as a special or as part of your regular offering, made up of produce from entirely within a 10-mile radius.

The 10-mile breakfast will then be celebrated, shouted about and publicised – before we reward you with some tasty PR and an award presentation for your efforts.  You never know, you may end up keeping it on your menu – and crucially supporting local producers and farmers.

If you’re taking part and are up for the challenge, let us know by on or before 22nd January 2016.


Breakfast Week 2016, 24 – 30 January – are you taking part?

This annual campaign takes place every January. It’s an ideal opportunity to promote the wealth of wonderful Welsh breakfast produce on offer in your area.  There are many ways tourism businesses can get involved.  How about introducing extra items to your breakfast menu or offering a special themed breakfast? Have you thought about offering a more ‘adventurous’ breakfast for visitors during Wales’ Year of Adventure?  If you don’t already serve breakfast all-day, for one week only you could offer a full cooked breakfast or brunch on your menu throughout the day?