Gop Hill(2)

Star gazing on Gop Hill as part of Dark Sky Wales event. The Gop is a manmade mound, or cairn, built sometime during the Neolithic period, on a high hill overlooking Trelawnyd, Flintshire.
This peculiar mound is the second largest manmade mound in Britain, smaller only than Silbury Hill. The mound measures approximately 100 metres x 68 metres at the base and stands 12 metres high. It is built mainly of stone and blocks of local limestone.

As well as for navigation at sea stars have been studied by almost every ancient civilisation.

Next part of caption taken from the Foreword in “Dark Land Dark Skies The Mabinogion in the Night Sky by Martin Griffiths.” The ancient peoples of Britain and especially the Cymru or tribes that would eventually live in the land of Wales shared oral traditions, many have been since lost. The Romans introduced a system of writing where some of these tales were recorded. Collectively some of these tales bacame The Mabinogion.”

Gop Hill, Trelawnyd, Flintshire, Wrexham

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Images by Craig Colville photographer

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