Mynydd Sleddog Adventures Ltd is Wales’ first and only sled dog attraction, offering husky rides and sled dog experiences to people of all ages! You no longer have to jump on a plane to enjoy this unique experience.

With the support of Natural Resources Wales, who provided them with a forest location in which to operate, Mynydd Sleddog Adventures started trading in December 2019. Shortly after in March 2020, when they were just beginning to get a flow of bookings, the pandemic caused the country to go into lockdown and sadly, they had to close their business for the time being.

As a fledgling business this was extremely worrying for them, especially with 16 working sled dogs to feed and no income, but they did not let this stop them completely.

Lockdown gave them the opportunity to create a brand-new website for the business and they have created some fantastic films as well as working on their social media presence and marketing strategy.

They have developed a Staying Safe Guide  and on line consent forms to ensure their customers stay as safe as possible.

For the time being; they will only provide sled dog adventures to people from the same household or ‘support bubble’ (1 car load).

Take a look at this blog which tells the factual story of how sled dogs saved a dying town after a Diphtheria epidemic struck the most remote town in Alaska in 1925. It is very relevant and would definitely inspire people to visit the local area.

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