Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Part of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal UNESCO World Heritage Site, this amazing feat of engineering stands at 126 feet high, and carries the Llangollen Canal over the River Dee.

Cross by foot or by boat – but make sure you take a camera, the views are spectacular!

Facts about Pontcysyllte

  • Pontcysyllte means ‘the bridge that connects’
  • Pontcysyllte is phonetically pronounced ‘Pont – kus – sulth – teh’
  • There are 18 piers 126ft high and 19 arches each with a 45ft span
  • To keep the aqueduct as light as possible, the slender masonry piers are partly hollow and taper at their summit
  • The mortar was made from oxen blood, lime and water
  • The aqueduct holds 1.5 million litres of water and takes two hours to drain
  • The structure is 1007ft long, with the River Dee running beneath
  • The work was undertaken by Thomas Telford and supervised by the more experienced canal engineer William Jessop
  • The first stone was laid in July 1795 and was opened in November 1805
  • It is the highest and longest navigable canal in Britain
  • The iron trough measures 11ft 10ins wide and 5ft 3ins deep
  • Water is feed to the aqueduct and canal from the River Dee at the man-made Horseshoe Falls near Llangollen
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