Ruthin Festival

22nd June - 30th June

A 9 day long series of musical and cultural events across Ruthin – the week long schedule includes concerts, comedy nights, craft workshops, instrumental recitals, children’s concerts, a Shakespearian performance, free playing sessions at pubs, events for senior citizens, gigs at various venues which culminates in the main event which is the Top of Town event on the town square on the 29th of June 2019 which is 6 hours of continuous music and dance on the town square in Ruthin.

The event finishes at 8pm and therefore the focus of the day then moves to the town’s pubs and eateries where bands are playing until later that night.

Some events are free of charge in terms of entry while others such as the concerts have a fixed entry fee.

The purpose of the festival is to enhance the cultural life of the town while offering a series of events for enjoyment by entire families, old and young – the festival’s purpose is to provide something for everyone. It has long been noted that the festival is vital for the town’s economy due to the sheer number of people it brings into the town as well as the added promotional value of promoting the town across a very wide area.

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