The final leg of the quadruple blogs of the Offa’s Dyke Path in North East Wales sees you travel from Rhuallt all the way to the coastal town of Prestatyn.  The route to the sea covers the Prestatyn Hillside, the blue flag beach of Prestatyn, the picturesque beach at Talacre and the popular annual walking festival that takes place at Prestatyn.

Follow the Potty Adventures as he finishes his travel along the Offa’s Dyke with a trip the seaside!

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This is the last post from an epic 4 part series that shows the Potty Adventures across the Offa’s Dyke Path that spans the North East Wales landscape. Through Llangollen to Llandegla, Llandegla to Bodfari and Bodfari to Rhuallt.

Not many people know about the small village of Rhuallt and you might be thing that the highest point is over and that it will all be downhill to the sea…because you are mistaken. This section of the Offa’s Dyke Path in our region will challenge you, help with your daily step count and also reward you with some stunning scenery that shows Wales at it’s best.

You might think the path will be a lonely one, but again you would be wrong. Welsh sheep are famous around the world and there is something about watching sheep that makes the world a better place as your never quite sure what they are thinking and any curious person will have such fun jut wondering what they are thinking.

If you are thinking of taking your dog on any section of the Offa’s Dyke Path than please make sure that they are kept calm and on a lead at all time. 

Following the sheep you will be treated to some more quieter paths that allow for the landscape to open up and give your little ones more room to run around and enjoy the countryside. Another great section for a picnic as the grass is more picnic-able for that break from all the walking.

Following a short section of woodland, you’ll now begin the ascent up Prestatyn Hillside.  At just 235m/771ft it isn’t even close to matching the hills that you encountered a couple of legs ago along the Clwydian Range. From the high point on Prestatyn Hillside, both your mind and legs will be thankful that the end is now in sight.  Furthermore, after some long and lung-busting sections of the trail now behind you, it’s all, finally, downhill from here.  This final part of walk will take you through Prestatyn town centre, following the acorns that adorn intermittent lampposts, to the beach.  It’s well worth, stopping here for a celebratory drink or two.

As this is a prestigious Blue Flag beach you can be sure that it’s a stretch of sand where you can while away a good few memorable hours.  In fact, as it’s one of 47 Blue Flag beaches in Wales, it means that Wales has more Blue Flag beaches than any other part of the UK.  So, when you’re considering the destination for your next walking or trail running break, you know that Wales has the answer.

Talking of fantastic beaches, if you’re intending to extend your stay in the area, there are lots of other great beaches in North East Wales.  Our particular favourite is Talacre beach.  With its iconic lighthouse, protected dunes and vast expanse of sand, it’s an awesome place to explore.  A top tip is to get there mega-early before anyone else arrives.  We’ve been known to take our beach shelter and the camping stove and cook up a very early morning breakfast watching the sunrise.  We’ve eaten, relaxed and gone before anyone else has even turned up.