manorhaus Ruthin, had been planning some renovations for some time and had decided to implement them over the coming Winter 2020/2021; however, due to the government lockdown, they decided to do a remodelling exercise sooner rather than later!

The plan was to free up room on the ground floor to have an extra letting bedroom (this is something they have done at manorhaus Llangollen and it’s been a very successful addition to the room mix).

In order to do this, they needed to move their toilets, bar, lounge and restaurant around on the ground floor of the main building which frees up what was the restaurant as the letting bedroom. There was no significant structural work required and no planning permission but it was a challenging 12-week program that they had set themselves. Without the help of outside contractors and with the manager from Llangollen on hand to help with demolition (he had been repurposed during lockdown in Ruthin to help out rather than be furloughed) they cracked on apace!

The 12-week program was extended as it was clear the lockdown was not going to see them open any time soon – so the kitchen was added to the refurb list with a new extractor fan and hood, and floor-to-ceiling plastic wash down wall coverings.

The new look is stylish, fresh and offers them more flexibility particularly for functions and private events where guests booking a private cinema event have a dedicated space to enjoy drinks before/after the viewing.


The extra bedroom won’t be added until the Winter, but the preparatory work has been undertaken to make the business more sustainable with the extra room over what may be a challenging time for the sector and their business here in North Wales.

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