This part of North Wales is the place to visit for fantastic events and festivals. From culture festivals, music festivals and walking events you’ll find everything and anything.


Events are meant to bring communities together and show off the local culture and sites. Our events in North East Wales do this perfectly, and with some style. From waking festivals to music performances you can fully immerse yourself in Welsh culture and traditions (and become a Welshie on holiday!)

With the world renowned Llangollen Eisteddfod growing year by year and pulling in different cultures of the world to our corner of North Wales, you don’t need to go far to see the cultures of the world. From the bouncing atmosphere had within the Focus Music Festival in Wrexham to the quiet and peaceful walks you can have on the many walking festivals….North East Wales tailors to all different interests.

Good Life Festival, Hawarden | Events
Good Life Festival, Hawarden

There is more to North East Wales than the big festivals, with on-going performances at Theatr Clwyd or the Rhyl Pavilion you can always catch a great show.

Discover a real unique attraction to the world heritage site of Pontcysyllte with the Underneath the Arches firework display which is a must see spectacle.

Events in North Wales are made even more amazing by the landscape, but we boast some stunning areas of beauty in North East Wales. Al of this beauty only adds to the atmosphere of the events and makes them even more memorable that you will make want to return to out little corner of this world.

Singing, dancing, learning, ahhh-ing, discovering or walking. You can do it all in North East Wales so makes sure you book your visit to North Wales.


Find more exciting events and book your next visit!

Undernaeth the Arches, Wrexham | Events
Undernaeth the Arches, Wrexham