Here is some ‘Food’ for thought about the dishes you simply must try when you visit our corner of North Wales. Now Wales is famous for it’s food and we at North East Wales cater for all food needs…..but here are some you must try on your next visit.

This food blog was put together by the UK Blogger Heather on Her Travels when see explored North East Wales’ food scene.


Food for thought

(See must have foods below)

Rarebit 16x9

Welsh Rarebit


An iconic dish of Wales is it’s Welsh Rarebit. Some people describe it as ‘Cheese on Toast’ but it is much more than that. With the cheese being mixed with butter and flour to make a roux, flavoured with mustard, Worcester sauce and a dab of Welsh Beer, all spread across the toast and grilled with some extra cheese on top (as you can never have enough cheese!).

You can try this tasty, iconic dish at Plas Newydd House and Tearooms in Llangollen.

Make your own Welsh Rarebit


Welsh Cawl


Welsh Cawl is a classic of Wales and has been used in generations of families. The dish combines two of the most popular Welsh ingredients; lamb and leaks. The ingredients are grown locally in Wales and the name Cawl is welsh for soup (so you’ve learnt a welsh word!) and it combines the lamb, leeks and root vegetables which is then thickened with barley.

It’s a traditional dish of Wales and can be enjoyed once again at Plas Newydd Tearooms in Llangollen.

Brew your own cawl


Bara Brith and Welsh Cakes


After the main course of your Welsh Rarebit and your Cawl, you need something sweet for dessert. A sweet treat to have to complete your Welsh menu is Bara Brith or a Welsh Cake. Welsh cakes are bake with flour, butter sugar and studded with raisins for that extra sweet taste.

Bara Brith is another old traditional food of Wales and is translated to “speckled bread”. With Bara Brith being a fruit loaf, made with dried fruit soaked in tea and is lovely and moist, it is best enjoyed with a spread of butter on top and with a cup of tea.

There are a variety of local shops that sell Bara Brith and Welsh Cakes but they are available near the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct stalls

Bake your own Welsh Cake