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Beaches in North East Wales

Beaches in North East Wales

We are lucky to have a stunning coastline that spreads across two of our counties of Denbighshire and Flintshire. The best way to explore the beaches is by foot and this is easily done by following the Wales Coast Path. Nothing beats a long walk along the coast with the sea air in your lungs and the soundtrack of the crashing waves in your ear.

Below is some practical advice on all of our accessible beaches in North East Wales.

When are dogs restricted?

  • 1st October – 30th April: you can take your dog anywhere on the beach.
  • 1st May – 30th September: restrictions are in place, so you can only take your dog to certain areas of the beach.

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Where can I take my dog?

While the restrictions are in place, you can only take your dog to the designated dog exercise areas.

These are:

  • The beach area from Old Golf Road, Rhyl, eastwards to Ffrith Festival Gardens, Prestatyn
  • The area to the east of The Sailing Club at Barkby Beach, Prestatyn

There are signs and maps on the beach to show where you can take your dog during the summer months.

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Fully qualified lifeguards operate on and around the beaches in Rhyl and Prestatyn giving out safety advice and responding to incidents throughout the season.

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Our lifeguards are on duty during the following times;

26th May to 3rd June

7 days a week

10am to 6pm

9th June to 24th June

Weekends only

10am to 6pm

30th June to 2nd September

7 days a week

10am to 6pm

Prestatyn Beach
Prestatyn Beach

Prestatyn Beach

Barkby Beach

Barkby Beach is a hive of activity for boats and craft, where you’ll find Prestatyn Sailing Club and boat launching slipway. If you interested in using slipways and launching please contact our Harbour Department on 01824 708400.

There is no swimming in this area because of the vessels using the slipway, but the beach is ideal for enjoying yourself for building a sand castle or just enjoying the weather. East of the slipway and sailing club is where the dog friendly area starts again.

Central Beach

Central beach is the main beach in Prestatyn and is very popular with visitors. You can access the beach from the car parks at Nova East and Nova West. It’s also an area where our lifeguards are stationed during the season.

If your planning on going for a swim remember to check the lifeguards flags to see if it’s safe, and find where is best to swim. If you’re not sure, you can speak to a lifeguard and they’ll be happy to help.

Find out more about our Lifeguards, and their operating times.

Other facilities at Central Beach include an outdoor shower, cafés and a play area.

Central beach has been awarded the seaside award.

Ffrith Beach

At the western end of Prestatyn, Ffrith Beach has two zones. The first, Ffrith Beach West, stretches from the Golf Course to the entrance to Ffrith Beach Fun Parc. This area is marked by the sloping access from the promenade which makes it much easier for people to access the beach. This beach forms part of our dog friendly area and you are welcome to exercise your dog here at any time.

The area to the east of Ffrith slipway which starts from the Ffrith Beach Fun Parc East goes past Tower Gardens and up to the Nova West Car Park is a more popular area that leads you towards the main resort beach at Prestatyn Central. Dogs are restricted at Ffrith East from May – September.

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Rhyl Beach

Rhyl West

Situated in the west end of Rhyl from the Harbour to The Village, this is where the town’s harbour is located. We discourage swimming near the harbour as vessels navigate in and out of it, and the River Clwyd has fast flowing currents that can lead to people getting into difficulty or being swept out to sea.

However further down towards the Drift Park and The Village it’s an ideal spot to paddle.If you’re on the promenade there is the Drift Park Water Play Area.

Coupled with the play area for children, the beach here is ideal for a day out making sand castles, paddling and catching some rays, but don’t forget the sun cream! Dogs are restricted in this area from May to September.

Rhyl Central

Opposite the top of the High Street, is our busiest beach where we encourage bathing. During the season our lifeguards will keep an eye on you to ensure your safety in and out of the water, so that you have an enjoyable visit.

Don’t forget that the tides go in and out!

Rhyl Central is now host to our beach sport activities. This includes Beach Volleyball and Beach Football free of charge whilst the lifeguards are on duty.

Don’t get caught out on a sandbank when there is an incoming tide by checking the tide times. Dogs are restricted in this area from May to September.

Rhyl central is one an area where our lifeguards are stationed during the season.

Find out more about our Lifeguards, and their operating times.

Rhyl East

Looking for something to do while you’re on the beach? Stretching from the coastguard station past the Suncentre and onto Old Golf Road, Rhyl East also has its own craft zone for Beach sport activities such as Kite surfing, Wind surfing and Kayaking. Dogs are restricted on Rhyl East during from May to September. You can also hire Sand Friendly Wheelchairs from the Kite Surfing Concession.

Splash Point

Splash Point is our dog friendly beach, and it’s where dogs can stretch their legs at anytime. Access onto the beach here is at certain points as the sea walls are quite high between the beach and the prom. If you’re taking your dog onto the beach at Old Golf Road, head east (that’s towards Prestatyn) and you’ve got a few miles of beach where you can go unrestricted.

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