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Statue of Owain Glyndwr in Corwen

Owain Glyndwr Statue, Corwen

On the  A5, on the town square  Corwen,  stop to admire the statue of the Welsh freedom fighter Owain Glyndwr -you can’t miss it driving through the town.  It is a stunning statue of Owain Glyndwr, riding his steed a highlight of visiting Corwen. Costing £125K, it was unveiled in 2007. It is a work of art by Colin Spofforth – a sculptor from Chester. It appears larger-than-life size. It portrays the true Prince of Wales – Owain Glyndwr (1349-1416) – galloping on his armoured battle horse. Alas he was defeated by the English but he was never captured.

Owain Glyndwr, who originated from a village near Corwen, is celebrated every year on the 16th September. He is considered to be one of Wales’s greatest heroes.