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Countryside Code

The Countryside Code is your guide to the outdoors. Whether you’re in the countryside, enjoying the coast, our waterways or an urban park, it’s there to help guide you through nature.

Moel Famau Country Park
Moel Famau Country Park

The mantra is Respect – Protect – Enjoy:

Respect everyone

  • Be considerate to those living in, working in and enjoying the countryside.
  • Leave gates and property as you find them.
  • Do not block access to gateways or driveways when parking.
  • Be nice, say hello, share the space.
  • Follow local signs and keep to marked paths unless wider access is available.
  • Keep dogs under effective control, if in doubt keep them on a lead. Take the safest route around farm animals, especially if they are with young animals. If you are chased by cattle drop the lead so that you can both head for safety.

Protect the environment

  • Take your litter home – leave no trace of your visit.
  • Take care with BBQs and do not light fires.
  • Always keep your dogs under control and in sight.
  • Dog poo – bag it and bin it in any public waste bin.
  • Care for nature – do not cause damage or disturbance.

Enjoy the outdoors

  • Check your route and local conditions.
  • Plan your adventure – know what to expect and what you can do.
  • Enjoy your visit, have fun, make a memory.

Lawyer Arfordir Cymru - Wales Coastal PathFollow defined routes, way-markers or maps. Know the signs and symbols of the countryside including those for public footpath, public bridleway, restricted byway, byway open to all traffic, National Trail, Wales Coast Path, open access land and permissive path.

Stay on the footpath to avoid causing erosion or damage

That’s the short version of the Countryside Code. Check out the Natural Resources Wales website for the full version, which is packed with useful tips.